Thailand is a magical land. It is full of friendly people. The country has a very special place in the history of Asia, in that it is the only nation in Southeast of the continent that it was never a colony of any of the European powers. As a unified Kingdom, Thailand has been in existence since the mid-14th Century. It only changed its name to the Kingdom of Thailand in 1939 from Siam. In terms of geographical size, Thailand is the fiftieth biggest country in the world. The tropical temperatures as well as climate make Thailand ideal for tourists from all over the world.

thailand girl friendly hotels

Thailand is populated by around 65 million people. A large percentage of the population in Thailand is composed of ethnic Thais. The population has a smattering of Chinese, Burmese, Khmer, Mon, Malay, Indian and Lao peoples. Bangkok, which is Thailand’s capital city, is home to around 7 million people. Thailand has a very long coastline, which measures around 3,219 kilometers in length. Thai is the lingua franca of around 92 percent of the population. The country’s official language is Thai, although a significant portion of the populace speaks good English.

What are Guest Friendly Hotels?

A guest friendly hotel is an establishment that does not charge guests any fee for bringing in an extra guest to their room for the night. Some hotels charge a fee. In Thailand, especially around major cities such as Bangkok, a number of hotels are guest friendly. These hotels are situated near bars and disco clubs, where tourists might find guests they want to spend the night with. Inside such hotels, the tourist does not have to pay any fee. Hotels that are guest friendly, charge tourists between $30 and $170 for bringing an unregistered guest for an overnight stay.

The fee paid to the guest friendly hotels caters not only for accommodation, but also buffer breakfast. It is worth mentioning that the fee that ranges between $30 and $170 is for a single night. There are many hotels that charge a much cheaper rate. However, the downside of staying in very cheap hotels is that the cleanliness and hygiene is often of a very poor quality. Moreover, the cheapest hotels are often located very far from the city center, which makes it harder to find an amazing guest to take back to the hotel room for an overnight stay.

The guest friendly hotels are not only in Bangkok but also in other parts of Thailand. The hotels are also found in Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Kraibi, Koh Samui, Koh Chang and Hua Hin. The guest friendly hotels are near the city center and easy to access. The hotels are close to the beach, go-go bars and bars. Talk with some of the guests and ask them for guidance concerning the best place to find the girl or guest friendly hotels. Avoid hotels where the management asks for payment of a joiner fee, as this means that the guests shall pay for her overnight stay.

The larger resort hotels, family-oriented hotels and 5-Star hotels are non-guest friendly so tourists are advised to avoid them if in need of guest-friendly hotels.

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